Wedding: Western Part 1

I've been looking for wedding pictures from TVB series and I have found a lot.
I call this posting Western because there is also Chinese wedding which means they wear Chinese wedding clothes.

Aimee Chan & Bosco Wong, Anita Yuen & Eddie Kwan, Christine Ng & Alex Fong, Cathy Chow & Michael Miu, Charmaine Sheh, Fala Chen & Dexter Yeung, Linda Chung & Frankie Lam

Angela Tong & Raymond Wong, Michelle Yim & Ha Yu, Mimi Lo & Wong Cho Lam, Myolie Wu & Gallen Lo, Sonija Kwok & Roger Kwok, Susanna Kwan & Louis Yuen, Yoyo Mung & Bobby Au Yeung

Jessica Hsuan & Sunny Chan, Kaki Leung & Sammul Chan, Kenix Kwok & Ray Lui, Linda Chung & Steven Ma, Christine Ng & Bowie Lam, Claire Yiu & Wayne Lai

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  1. Kenix Kwok is one of the best TVB actresses in the industry. Hope to see her take on a more active role like she use to. Check out 36 beautiful scans of her here.